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In the Land of the Blind...
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Date:2004-04-30 16:13
Subject:Don't Look at Me

No, this is not an active journal in any sense of that phrase.

If you want to see the place I am much more regularly inactive, please poke around for the meaty center here: http://www.eyedunno.com

Peace be with you...

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Date:2003-05-14 23:16
Subject:Okay then...

Here it is...

Just about as done as it gets...

guess I really haveta start writing now...

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Date:2003-05-13 11:16
Subject:And Now...
Mood: nerdy

... my journal admin now has a members' login, 3 security levels for entries, and emoticons...

Who needs to write a journal when ya can BUILD it...


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Date:2003-05-12 08:57
Subject:Monday Monday
Mood: geeky

Well, now I've gone and done it... Spent all weekend making my very own journal admin site. It has a form for favorite links, it has comments, it even has a nifty java text editor.

Did I see the beautiful soCal sunshine at all this weekend? Oh no...

Here's the thing that's crackin' me up this morning (with sound):
PB & J Banana Dance

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Date:2003-05-09 08:35
Mood: blank

Feeling in need of an inspiration transplant. Life of late is a waking dream that has no focus, and no respite - wandering through it like the undead shopping at K-Mart.

I have ideas, I have goals... now where did I put that motivation...

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Date:2003-05-08 15:04
Subject:Tasty Mystery

Oh my...

first the story doesn't seem all that interesting, and then it's simply hard to look away...

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Date:2003-05-08 10:18
Subject:Wide Weird World
Mood: working

Stephen King! Paging Stephen King!

Um, Stephen? We're going to need the screenplay by Friday...

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Date:2003-05-08 08:39
Subject:It SOUNDS Like a Busy Life...
Mood: bored

... Well, I took a half-day off from work yesterday. No reason in particular, just uninspired to be there, and more inspired to be home. Spent many hours tooling around, looking at other ways to "blog" - and tested out Blogger to use on this page which I have always wanted to use for a journal site.

Then my friend Jason came over while gb was at school, and we watched Malice Mizer videos. Man...

And now, it's morning... I'm back at work, although I would rather be at home writing.

I have recently accepted an assignment (non-paying) as editor for these clever German comic strip artists... and just finished cleaning up their English for another ten. I just love their ugly little nekkid people...

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Date:2003-05-07 10:53
Subject:In Morpheus' Arms
Mood: thoughtful

I frequently go months without remembering a single dream, and then the ones I do are usually small fragments of reality-based... well, boredom, really.

Night before last, I had another dream related to my dad. I think the fact that it played with some guilt I haven't worked through might explain why I somewhat deliberately tucked it away - damned-near forgot it - as opposed to grabbing ahold of it, cherishing it, like the one I wrote about below.

Still, it was important; Somehow, a gallery was offering me a showing specifically for a tribute to my father - and all the unfinished projects and ideas threw themselves in my face while I looked at the beautiful space I had to work with, and the notion that this would be just the right place to do it...

When I woke up, all the obstacles and excuses bogged me down and made me sad - sad that I had not kept up correspondence with the few friends of his that had written about him for me, sad that I do not know where his AIDS quilt is, and frustrated that I have not done anything to get my book project going.

This morning - partly because of this journal, partly the request for a story, and partly that dream - I am feeling like I need to be a writer. I am a writer... but a writer who writes.

So I started the story... then thought of the dream... then all the dreams of my Dad. And I realized I have not done enough to record these moments which are remarkable in their clarity. (Usually when I try to write about the past I find giant holes in my memory, and just give up.)

Here, then, the last dream I wrote about, and hopefully the beginning of something. At least this will be one long muthah of a post...


I was in a large city - drawn, I think, from the recent visit to S.F. - where I stumbled upon a two-story club whose face was one giant wall of plate glass. I was attracted to the light and the cool crowd, but what pulled me in was the sight of Tom Waits' face on a giant projection screen on the second floor. As I climbed the stairs, I was enthralled by Tom's face, singing directly into the camera, so close... with the kind of saturated color and light that makes his face and his eyes glow in a sea of white. (I hesitate to make anything too spiritual out of this part; the image reminded me strongly of a scene from the sci-fi movie, Minority Report, with psychics floating face-up in back-lit liquid. The woman's eyes were riveting due to the effect, and every pore of her face was visible and countable)


As compelling as the image was, I eventually made my way downstairs to check out the rest of the club. Clearly a gigantic place, it was the sort of place with multiple bars - and I found a small one tucked in a corner near the foot of the stairs. It seemed sparsely, but dedicatedly populated by regulars, and I sat on a stool observing the interactions of the others until a middle-aged trannie I somehow knew walked by, and I exchanged jokes and flirting gestures with her before she went on.

Soon I was feeling that what I was looking for was not in this place, so I left, and eventually found myself in another enormous - though much more opulently ornate building. What might be called halls or corridors were as wide as twice the length of our little condo, with 30-foot ceilings, fountains, huge open spaces with sound ricocheting quietly from distant corners....

Somehow knowing the scene before me was from another movie - Cat's Meow, about a fatal event on William Randolph Hearst's private yacht - I instantly decided, by way of explanation, that the tableau in front of me - a near-endless dining table surrounded by rich folk in vintage clothing - was a Hearst reenactment event (sort of an SCA for the 1920's). I soaked up the visual as I moved around the table. While it seemed I knew someone there, I could not quite see them, but knew that I had been likewise "made," and so I motioned to a side room, where I awaited an encounter.

Dad walked into the small room in (of all things!) an emerald-green beaded coat, smiled and quietly said "We really can't be meeting like this." Choked, and a bit hurt at the notion, I sarcastically parroted, "You're right; we really can't keep meeting like this." And then we hugged each other. A long, rewarding hug of long-parted love - and then I woke up.

I cry recounting that moment, and yet I woke exhilarated and happy. After a week of dulling sadness and loneliness, it was as if a giant cowl had been removed from my shoulders. And I have not felt all that bad since. No question; no matter how selfishly I would beg visits of this sort on a far more regular basis, Dad came by just when I needed him.


Now back to that story...

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Date:2003-05-07 09:39
Subject:Average Online Morning
Mood: bouncy

So many images, so early...

I mean... What the HELL?!

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Date:2003-05-07 08:01
Mood: sleepy

I really suck at this whole stayin' up late thing... I wish I wasn't such a wuss about my precious 8 hours, but the truth is, I'm a vegetable without 'em...

Geekbride caught some kinda stomach bug a couple nights ago, and so spent the day in bed yesterday - and much of the night. So I had WAY too much time to play with CSS last night, and no sensible voice to tell me to stop. The dishes didn't do themselves, and neither did that stationary bike staring at me in the corner.

Company? Tonight? Aw man...

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Date:2003-05-06 23:29
Subject:Alrighty Then
Mood: tired

Well, I have clearly played with this thing enough. Surely I can blame somebody for all this. Right? Right?




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Date:2003-05-06 18:15
Subject:What a World, What a World...
Mood: irritated

Already irritated ( ^ see?) by this site being slow, and my text colors not showing up... Oh why did I ever entertain such foolishness?!

Wait... "client software"?


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Date:2003-05-06 17:53
Subject:1st Time Poster, Long-Time Listener
Mood: blank

Well, here it is. The post that started the whole thing. Someday, web historians will find this entry in some dusty backup media and promptly sell it on iBay (ask Steve Jobs III why he went and changed the name - how should Eye know??)

... and then someone will wonder aloud "Where's the beef?" which will cause his pod-leader to clout him about the head and chest in an obviously needy show of authority, if you ask me.

Yessir. It all started here...

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